Jack's 1st Birthday

Jack's 1st birthday was a date that Mark and I were very aware of. It loomed ahead and we both felt a big responsibility to make it right. But in reality planning a few things and letting ourselves take our time through the day was the best plan we had.

During 2018 with your help (5% of sales went to our fund) we raised £2,144 for the Princess Anne Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in memory of our angel baby Jack. This money is being put towards improving the ward and adding more comforts for both babies and parents.

We decided to donate the money on Jack's 1st birthday, 12th December. It was hard to go back to the unit but it was also strangely comforting and we both felt such a strong sense of calm being in what was his nursery.

After this we went up to his grave with the family and laid some flowers for him. His uncle Charlie and auntie Becci left him a balloon and butterfly 'J' which was lovely. We also let off some balloons for him.

We had some wonderful messages, gifts and cards from loved ones which meant so so much. If i can give any advice to those not knowing what to do for anyone that has lost someone, i would say remember them. Make a comment saying your thinking of them, send a card or gift - we got some Christmas ornaments, frame with a picture of Jack and a name a star pack - light a candle in their memory. It all means so much. It proved that he was there and mattered.

We will be continuing to raise money for baby loss and premature baby charities. We will now be donating 10% of sales of baby loss ranges to the following charities: Bliss, Tommys, Southampton NICU and Sands. These 4 charities in particular are very close to our hearts.

- Allana x